As May blooms with vibrant colors and warmer days, we’re excited to share the latest updates and highlights with you. From celebrating Mother’s Day to embracing the spirit of spring, there’s plenty to look forward to in this month’s newsletter. May 3 Holston Downs and Derby (Wear your hat!), May 6 Wild Blue Yonder bluegrass birthday party, 8 Mothers and Others Tea social, Old Time Radio Show with DJ Sam I’am, May 15 O’Conner Sr Center Choir, May 16 Holston Annual Award Ceremony, May 16 Radio Memories, Top 40 Countdown with Lillian Madison, May 27 Memorial Day Missing Man Table.

Honoring Mom: Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 

Celebrating Nurses Week 2024

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the incredible mothers and mother figures in our lives. Whether they’re near or far, finding the perfect gift to show our appreciation can make their day truly special. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of thoughtful and heartwarming gift ideas that are sure to bring joy to Mom’s heart. Let’s explore how we can honor and cherish the remarkable women who mean so much to us. National Skilled Nursing Care week is celebrated for all partners the week of May 12 – 18. Holston is providing several morale boosters and partner recognition throughout the week! Be sure to thank those who impact your Loved One’s lives throughout their time with us. You may ask for a PEP card to write your compliment and return to the front office. Radio “Shout Outs” will be BE ON AIR at Folton High School’s radio station WKCS-FM 91.1. IF you would like to send a shout out live on the air, look for the display in the main hallway, fill out the card and stay tuned during the week of May 13 – 18. Our very own DJ Sam I’am will also be doing “shout outs” during our live show on Monday, May 13 at WNHC-AM 3916 in the main dining room.

As Nurses Week approaches, please take a chance to thank our team of nurses who tirelessly care for our patients. From their unwavering dedication to their compassionate hearts, nurses truly embody the essence of heroism every day. Join us in honoring these remarkable individuals as we extend our sincerest thanks for their invaluable contributions to healthcare and our lives. Thank you to Troops 22108, 22092, and 20126 for the weeding, seeding, planting and watering for the two court yards and front porch! Everything is beautiful! We appreciate the Wild Blue Yonder band for providing a birthday bash free of charge! Appreciation extended to Michelle and The Jesus Cares ministry for the special manicures and polish provided to pamper our ladies! We appreciate all of our pet therapists, therapy dogs, friends and families who volunteer through our NHC Holston Volunteer Program! To become a volunteer, contact Kim Uzonyi, Life Enrichment Director, 865-524-1500 x 3028.