Dear Families,  

Welcome to April’s news!  We look forward to enjoying all the signs of spring together at the center this month.   

Special Announcement

If you know anyone wanting to volunteer (church group, friends, young kids, college age kids) or anyone Please contact Recreation Team for further details. Spread the word!

This month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched a new requirement for long-term care centers regarding “Enhanced Barrier Precautions.”  You will see our team wearing gowns and gloves occasionally in the center.  This added level of precaution protects patients who might be more vulnerable if exposed to any multidrug-resistant organisms that live on the body.   

  We wanted to make sure you understand this is for extra precautions not because there is a new virus or germ in the center. As always, we appreciate your help in infection prevention! Washing our hands is the best way to prevent germs from spreading.

Here are our events for the month:

Solar Eclipse Viewing – April 8th – 2:00-4:00pm

Performers: Raymond Akers (April 5th)

Aaron Howard (April 12th)

The Sev7ens (April 16th)

Lightnin Charlie (April 18th)

Dan Perkins (April 25th)

Johnny Cash (April 26th)

Travelogue Tuesdays- Scottish Highlands Earth Day Clean Up

Patio Area Planting for Arbor Day Worship with Mike and Kim (April 14th & 28th)

National Volunteer Week Luncheon Celebration (April 25th)

Please contact us with any questions regarding our events.

Discounts for Seniors

Looking for popular senior discounts this Spring? Check out all the discounts here from The Senior List.    

Partner Shout Outs  

If you are in the center this month, please join us in thanking our Occupational therapists and Health Information Management partners.  We appreciate their dedication and commitment to our patients. We want to give a special shout out to our Social Worker Laura Leal who goes above and beyond to cook special things for our Traveling Tuesdays. Thanks Laura! Thank you to all of our volunteers and performers that continue to care and entertain our residents. We continue to encourage families to attend programs with your loved one. We wanted to remind everyone we are a pet friendly facility so please bring your furry members with a copy of current vaccination records to give to Recreation.