Dear Families,  

Welcome to April’s news!  We look forward to enjoying all the signs of spring together at the center this month.   

Special Announcement

Please come and join your loved ones in the fun April will bring. If you have any small items you would like to donate for prizes please see the Life Enrichment Dept or drop off at the front desk with a note to give to our department.

This month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched a new requirement for long-term care centers regarding “Enhanced Barrier Precautions.”  You will see our team wearing gowns and gloves occasionally in the center.  This added level of precaution protects patients who might be more vulnerable if exposed to any multidrug-resistant organisms that live on the body.   

  We wanted to make sure you understand this is for extra precautions not because there is a new virus or germ in the center. As always, we appreciate your help in infection prevention! Washing our hands is the best way to prevent germs from spreading.

Here are our events for the month:

Wednesday 3rd,10th,24th at 2pm Bingo

April 5th at 2pm Fun Time with Ginger

April 8th at 2pm Observing the Solar Eclipse

April 19th at 2pm Gospel Singing with Darlene

Discounts for Seniors

Looking for popular senior discounts this Spring? Check out all the discounts here from The Senior List.    

Partner Shout Outs  

If you are in the center this month, please join us in thanking our Occupational therapists and Health Information Management partners.  We appreciate their dedication and commitment to our patients. We would also love to thank our own team here at NHC Knoxville for all the assistance during the month with our wonderful residents.