Six Things to Know about Skilled Rehab

After hospitalization, patients may be released to a skilled rehabilitation facility.  Skilled rehab is post-hospital care that helps individuals transition back to their home after strokes, traumatic injury, hip and knee fractures, or surgery.  Skilled rehab care is ordered by your physician but there are important considerations for you.  The care you received in rehab plays the biggest role in getting you back to your life.

1. Tell Your Doctor Ahead of Time which facility you want to go to.  Physicians want your time in rehab to be comfortable and meet your needs.

2. Location is important for family.  Make sure you select a convenient location.

3. A  home-like environment adds a special dimension to your comfort and recovery.  NHC residential style skilled units come with amenities like flat screen TVs, WiFi, laundry and housekeeping services, well-planned home cooked meals and weekly activities.  All prayers, hugs and smiles are free.

4. Proper Rehab Equipment for your condition is important.  Are the physical therapists in rehab experienced with the latest in therapy techniques?  Comprehensive Services are important to meeting individual needs.  NHC facilities provide a strong interdisciplinary approach with a full range of services.  In addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, many of our centers offer specialized skin and wound care, pain management, cognitive/perceptual retraining and vital stimulations.

5. Make sure you have selected a Medicare-certified facility.  For a skilled rehab or nursing stay to be covered by Medicare, you must select a facility which is certified by Medicare.  If Medicare is your primary payer source, you are given up to 100 days if medically necessary.  You have to be showing improvement in order for Medicare to continue to cover payment within that 100-day benefit period.

6. Experience in skilled nursing care is vital to any rehab facility.  Our staff are experienced professionals committed to our facility and to your speedy recovery.

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