Lesley Shelton is a social worker with more than 25 years of experience in working with families in crisis, starting in children’s services and then moving to senior care.  Lesley’s passion for working with families touched by Dementia-related illnesses is inspired by her own family’s experience.

What are some things to know about Lesley?

Lesley has a deep level of commitment to social work and senior care.  Her own personal experience has shaped her views of care for both families and the patients.  Her mother and both of her sisters suffered dementia-related disease and were senior care patients.  Having those experiences has given her unique perspective on family needs. When Lesley is not at work, she is a die-hard Alabama fan who loves to entertain and share life with others.  She has recently started an urban garden.

What are some of the things you learn about patients?

They are the most fun, vibrant and enjoyable group of people.  They have a sense of humor and come from a wide-cross section of experiences.  Lesley has served military leaders, Olympic gold medalists, midwives, Sunday School teachers and drum majors.  As a social worker, you become part of their extended family and share in many of their major life events.

What are some of the creative activities going on during the Covid-19 restricted visitation period?

The wellness and recreation partners are knocking it out of the park with creativity and dedication to patients.  They are creating endless fun activities like doing arranged window visits, Skype dates for anniversaries, and miniature car races down the hall You may see an Easter Bunny vacuuming or the virgin margarita cart coming down the hall for Cinco de Mayo.

They are there to answer calls about patients and provide a vital communication link for patients through phone calls, Facetime and Skype.

How does a social worker support senior care?

The social worker supports both the family and the patient.  They are part of a multidisciplinary team that keeps the non-clinical needs of the patient foremost in the minds of all the healthcare providers.  Social workers are a patient advocate, an information provider, and resource for services and someone to help patients and families deal with emotional issues.  The social worker is the usually the first and last person families see when they come to a center.