As May blooms with vibrant colors and warmer days, we’re excited to share the latest updates and highlights with you. From celebrating Mother’s Day to embracing the spirit of spring, there’s plenty to look forward to in this month’s newsletter.

Our events for the month: Thursday, May 2nd-2:00pm Cinco De Mayo Party Thursday, May 9th-2:00pm-Mother’s Day Social with Mother’s Day Craft Friday, May 24th-2:00pm-Aynslea’s Annual Tap Dance Performance and 3:15pm-Memorial Day Party. Be sure to check out our activity calendar for more information.

Honoring Mom: Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 

Celebrating Nurses Week 2024

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the incredible mothers and mother figures in our lives. Whether they’re near or far, finding the perfect gift to show our appreciation can make their day truly special. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of thoughtful and heartwarming gift ideas that are sure to bring joy to Mom’s heart. Let’s explore how we can honor and cherish the remarkable women who mean so much to us. We will be having Family Night Thursday May 30th from 5:00pm-7:00pm outside with live entertainment by Jeff Dorris, Photo Booth, BBQ and drinks. Staff will be calling in May for RSVP.

As Nurses Week approaches, please take a chance to thank our team of nurses who tirelessly care for our patients. From their unwavering dedication to their compassionate hearts, nurses truly embody the essence of heroism every day. Join us in honoring these remarkable individuals as we extend our sincerest thanks for their invaluable contributions to healthcare and our lives. Thank You to all the Volunteers! Thank you First Christian Church for helping with games and 1:1’s. Thank you VNA Hospice for doing a monthly craft. Thank you Legacy Hospice for helping with manicures and doing games & snacks for Nurses Week in May, and thank you Alex Palmer for doing our Pastoral Care. Thank you Holcomb 3rd graders for spending time with us in April and thank you Holcomb 5th grade Beta students for playing bingo with us in April.