Notice Regarding Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement:

If you were enrolled in the medical plan administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, you may be entitled to receive a small settlement payment as a result of a class action lawsuit filed against various Blue Cross Blue Shield entities. The settlement has not yet been approved by the courts. If approved, the claims administrator will distribute amounts in accordance with the terms of the approved settlement to both plans and employees who timely file claims. National Health Corporation has no control over the settlement amount you may receive if you are eligible. This is merely notice that you may be eligible. You may have already received notice regarding the settlement from the claims administrator. You must file a claim by November 5, 2021 to qualify for a payment if you are eligible. You can find more information about settlement, your eligibility for it, and how to file a claim at the links below. You can also call (888) 681-1142 or send an email to