Promises made and kept for senior care

When John K. Lines met with his team on a recent morning, it was his turn to address the promise of the day to the six people on his floor at National HealthCare Corp. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Promise No. 3, “Address your needs with a sense of urgency,” the senior vice president and general counsel emphasized in his 14th-floor office overlooking the scenic but fast-growing city 30 miles southeast of Nashville.

Then they discussed the day’s talking points, which typically reinforce the day’s promise. On this particular day the subject included a letter from an NHC employee in South Carolina. The employee was expressing her gratitude for her co-workers who rushed to tend to her son and niece when they were injured in a traffic accident in front of their facility.

Throughout the central Tennessee-based chain that operates a variety of 162 elderly health-care operations in 10 states, similar protocol took place.

It’s all part of “A Better Way,” National HealthCare’s daily reminder to its staff that there’s always the opportunity and responsibility to serve patients and customers better than they did yesterday.

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Originally appeared in Vanguard Journal, Spring 2017