The position organizes, directs and supervises the maintenance and repair program involving buildings and grounds. Also coordinates maintenance and repair activities with functions of other departments.




  • High school graduate or graduate of a technical school.
  • At least two years experience in maintenance and various mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Ability to read and interpret blue prints. Ability to read and interpret technical manuals. Knowledge of local codes and ordinances. Knowledge of safety regulations.
  • Ability to plan and carry out programs in repair or new construction and/or installation. Ability to direct others.
  • Knowledge of record keeping and cost estimating.
  • Knowledge of supplies and equipment used by department and the care of this equipment.
  • Ability to deal tactfully and effectively with patients.


  • Able to stand, walk inside and outside in all weather.
  • Able to stoop, kneel, bend, and climb depending on job.
  • Able to work in awkward positions.
  • Able to do heavy lifting and moving. Be able to lift over 100 pounds occasionally.
  • Subject to emergency call.
  • Able to see, hear and communicate adequately to complete job duties and responsibilities.


Are determined by the center and may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Plans, directs and supervises maintenance program (HVAC, chillers, plumbing, water, gas, electrical, mechanical, oxygen, communications, carpentry, painting, plastering, refinishing and similar work; heavy duty cleaning, grounds care, maintenance of institutional equipment and vehicles) schedules maintenance on repair, preventive replacement and new installation basis.
  • Orients, instructs and supervises other maintenance personnel. Assigns duties and evaluates work performance.
  • Requisitions supplies and equipment for use in department activities.
  • Keeps records of work performed and costs involved. May keep employee time sheets.
  • Coordinates work of maintenance department with other department functions so as not to interrupt patient care or normal business functions.
  • Advises and consults with administrator on maintenance and repair needs concerning structure, equipment and grounds.
  • Inspects all equipment and systems regularly for proper functioning and safety. Inspects building and grounds regularly for compliance with local codes, ordinances and safety regulations. Prepares and submits reports, as directed by the administrator.
  • Able to be on call for emergencies.
  • Able to attend department head meetings, workshops and institutes.
  • Be able to perform any or all duties concerned with electricity, plumbing, painting (including resurfacing floors, walls or ceilings), carpentry (including furniture refinishing or repair), mechanics (including equipment and mechanical systems), heating, cooling and water systems, except those services performed under service contract with outside contractors. When an outside contractor performs a service, it is to be supervised by this position.
  • Directs or performs duties concerned with maintenance of grounds, parking lots, driveways, etc. May include gardening, landscaping, clean-up, snow removal, etc except that performed under service contract.
  • Perform or direct heavy custodial duties such as scrubbing and buffing, cleaning of basement, storage, and utility areas, washing walls, ceilings, outside windows, changing screens and storm windows, changing light bulbs in ceiling fixtures and housekeeping duties in very high places, removing and disposing of garbage and trash.
  • Runs errands, handles incoming and outgoing freight, lifts and moves heavy furniture and equipment, and other miscellaneous duties as directed by the administrator.
  • Responsible for the care, maintenance and repairs of institutional property, equipment and grounds as directed by the administrator.
  • Responsible for the care and use of supplies and maintenance equipment used in performance of duties.
  • Regular inspection of property and equipment for compliance with safety regulations.
  • Be able to keep adequate records.
  • Able to take emergency call.
  • Able to cooperate with other employees.
  • Perform other duties as assigned from time to time.