The position is responsible for sorting out dirty laundry, loading and unloading washing machine and dryer and folding center linens.
Laundry Supervisor, Housekeeping Supervisor
Must be able to read Standard English.
Must be able to operate standard and commercial laundry machinery.
Must be able to understand and follow instructions.
Able to pull and push wet laundry (50 – 75 pounds) from washing machine.
Able to be on feet 7 – 8 hours per day.
Able to stoop, kneel, and bend.
Able to see, hear and communicate adequately to complete job duties and responsibilities.
Able to lift 30 – 40 pounds frequently.
Are determined by the center and may include, but are not limited to the following:
Report to laundry at the assigned time and gather dirty laundry as instructed.
Load washers with dirty linens and prepare linen for morning change.
Keep dirty linen separate from clean linen at all times.
Check water temperature of each washing machine to be sure it is at least 150°.
Clean all lint traps in accordance with center policy or at least once per shift.
Check levels of laundry detergents, softeners and bleach according to center policy.
Keep floors, walls and equipment are kept clean.
Remove clean laundry from washer and load dryer, making sure that clean laundry does not touch the floor.
Operate washing machines and dryers are operated in accordance with manufacturer’s and center’s policy and procedures.
Removed dry clothes from dryer, fold and store in accordance with center policy.
Inform supervisor of any problems with equipment so that repairs can be made.
Shut down all equipment in laundry in accordance with center policy when fire alarm sounds.
Other duties which may be assigned from time to time.
Be familiar with and follow all federal, state and center policies and procedures.
Work safely, following proper procedures when using chemical agents.