Health Information Assistant

NHC Place Sumner


This position assists the Health Information Practitioner with clerical responsibilities.


  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Previous experience working as a Medical Records Clerk or a graduate of a Health Information Certification Program preferred.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with the medical staff and allied health partners.
  • Ability to follow established procedures and to suggest changes for smoother operations.
  • Personal attributes to include neatness, accuracy, and attention to detail.
  • Pleasant and cooperative.
  • ICD-9 CM coding experience
  • ICD-10 CM coding training


  • Ability to read, write, hear and communicate adequately to complete job duties and responsibilities
  • Ability to move throughout center without assistance
  • Must be able to see adequately enough to read hand written medical records


Are determined by the center and may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Upon admission and periodically (not less than monthly), quantitatively analyze the medical records to assure completeness, accuracy, and internal consistency while the patient is in the center.
  • Prepare and assemble the medical record on admission, prepare labels for charts and room, complete heading on all forms, stock necessary forms under the appropriate tabs.
  • Notify the Medical Record Practitioner upon admission and then every two weeks of any transfer data not received
  • Assist the medical staff and allied health personnel in updating the records
  • Maintain the flow of reports to the in-house medical records
  • Maintain Overflow File by removing outdated forms from the chart holder at the nursing station
  • Arrange the medical record in the proper discharge order upon dismissal of the patient
  • Forward the medical record to the Health Information Department for further processing upon dismissal of the patient
  • Assist with MDS system as instructed.
  • Answer the telephone and relay messages
  • Request laboratory, x-ray and/or special tests and see that reports are received
  • Maintain the inventory of paper and desk supplies
  • Copy records for release of information
  • Other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
Must have Associates Degree or formal training in Health Information

Hiring Locations

  • Gallatin, TN 37066



A qualified Registered Nurse/HomeCare Administrator hired by the Regional Administrator, approved by the Director of Operations and Vice President, HomeCare and appointed by the Governing Body to administer, direct and coordinate the activities of the HomeCare agency.


  • Administrators hired prior to January 13, 2018:
    • Is a licensed physician or Registered Nurse in the state where the agency is located, with at least 2 years supervisory or administrative experience in home health care or related health programs; or
  • Has training and experience in health service administration and at least 1 year supervisory or administrative experience in home health care or related health care program.
  • Administrators hired on or after January 13, 2018:
    • Is a licensed physician or Registered Nurse or holds an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s or Associate’s)


  • Has experience in health service administration, with at least 1 year of supervisory or administrative experience in home health care or a related health care program.
  • General:
    • Current, unencumbered professional license, if applicable;
    • Demonstrated ability to supervise, motivate, develop, and direct an efficient work team;
    • Excellent leadership, communication, organization, and critical thinking skills;
    • Commitment to excellence in patient care outcomes and satisfaction, partner satisfaction, effective operational and financial performance;
    • Current Driver’s License, car insurance, and good driving record; and
    • Able to meet Background Screening requirements.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Overall responsibility and authority for all day to day operations of the agency including administrative and leadership functions.
  • Plans, organizes, directs and evaluates operations to ensure the provision of adequate and appropriate care and services.
  • Is available during all operating hours (physically present at the agency or available by phone or other electronic means).
  • In his or her absence, has authorized, in writing, a pre-designated qualified person approved by the Governing Body (typically, the Clinical Manager) who must be available during any operating hours that the Administrator is not available and who assumes the same obligations and responsibilities as the Administrator.
  • Ensures that a qualified Clinical Manager is available during all operating hours.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of and ensures compliance to applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and NHC policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that the agency employs qualified personnel, including contributing to the development of personnel qualifications and policies.
  • Coordinates and approves recruitment, hiring and termination of personnel.
  • Hires, develops, directs and evaluates the Office Manager and Clinical Manager;
  • Ensures the appropriate orientation, on-going education, development, and evaluations for all agency staff, including contractual providers.
  • Oversees the growth, planning, delivery and evaluation of all home care services.
  • Establishes and maintains communication to facilitate proactive and effective collaboration to ensure the agency’s success with:
  • The Governing Body,
  • Regional and Corporate staff,
  • The agency’s leadership team(s) to coordinate and review the status of agency goals,
  • All agency staff (employed / contracted),
  • The community, and
  • Referral sources.
  • Coordinates activities of agency staff to prevent overlapping or duplication of functions, responsibilities, or supervision.
  • Performs other responsibilities which are required or assigned, to support the success of NHC HomeCare.
  • Conducts / coordinates monthly staff meetings.
  • Administers the agency’s annual budget, for fiscal planning, budgeting, and management of operations in accordance with established parameters;
  • Assures efficient and effective management of human and material resources;
  • Ensures timely completion, maintenance and submission of required reports.
  • Analyzes and takes action on reports and recommendations of any authorized planning, regulatory or inspection agencies; internal reports; and CMS’ quality reporting.
  • Models the company’s ‘Better Way Promises’ and Code of Conduct and Compliance Standards;
  • Serves as Compliance Liaison to assist the corporate Compliance Officer in carrying out his or her duties at the local level; responsible for taking steps to ensure that the compliance program is implemented and overseen;
  • Represents and promotes the agency to the community in a positive manner; provides education about the home health care industry and NHC HomeCare as indicated;
  • Oversees the appropriateness and readiness of the Emergency Preparedness Plan and serves as the Incident Commander during declared emergencies. Ensures proactive, on-going collaboration with local, state, tribal, regional and federal emergency management agencies.
  • Ensures the integration, evaluation and ongoing interventions to promote an effective Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program, including
    • Facilitating/sitting on the QAPI Steering Committee;
    • Assuring accuracy of OASIS data collection;
    • Analyzing data, medical record review; and facilitating Performance Improvement Projects;
    • Overseeing completion of the annual evaluation of care provided by the agency;

Parent- Branch relationship, if applicable:

  • The parent HHA provides direct support and administrative control of its branches;
  • Reports all branch locations to the state survey agency at the time of the agency’s request for initial certification, at each survey, and at the time the parent proposes to add or delete a branch;
  • Maintains open communication with branch Directors of Services;
  • Ensures that policies and procedures are implemented in the branches;
  • Determines how and when staff are shared between the parent and branch, particularly in the event of staffing shortfalls or leave coverage;
  • Assures the appropriate disposition of closed clinical records from the branch;
  • Assures that training requirements are met for branch staff;
  • Reviews and maintains contracts for services provided arrangement;
  • Retaining overall responsibility for the quality of services;
  • Holds regular parent-branch meetings to discuss issues such as productivity, program growth, referral sources, staffing levels, and policy/regulatory changes; maintain meeting minutes;
  • Reviews Personnel Requisitions for new hires for the branch;
  • Provides oversight of the agency-wide Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI steering committee and performance improvement projects (PIPs);
  • Attends branch staff meetings monthly with standardized agenda;
  • Contributes to the Performance Appraisal(s) of the Director(s) of Services, in collaboration with the Regional Administrator.
  • Receives and reviews complaints and events/incidents
  • All patients are given, in the patient education booklet, the Administrator’s name and business contact information, as well as that of the Director of Services and the Clinical Manager, to facilitate reporting of complaints.