Frequently Asked Questions

In response to the unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19, NHC has developed a comprehensive action plan to create the safest environment for our patients, residents, and partners. We understand you have questions during these uncertain times, so following are some frequently asked questions and answers to help keep you informed.

When can we visit our loved one in one of your healthcare centers or communities?

We will notify you on our website once we learn from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of any plans to lift visitation restrictions at our centers and communities.  We are currently following guidance from CMS to restrict all visitors, volunteers and non-critical vendors. There are special circumstances that visitors may be allowed such as end of life. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this restricted time of visitation that helps minimize potential exposure.

How can family members stay in touch with their loved ones? 
We understand this may be a stressful time for you and your family.  We encourage you to stay connected with your loved ones at our healthcare centers or communities by scheduling a virtual visit with Skype. You can also schedule a phone call, send a text, or send a letter.

What are you doing to maintain a normal environment for my loved one? 
We are trying to maintain a regular routine with engaging activities while practicing social distancing. Our patients continue with physical, occupation, speech therapies if needed. On a lighter note, we continue to provide modified activities such as hallway bingo, doorway serenades, and fun games.

How can I help support your patients during this time?

Our patients and residents love to receive cards, puzzle books, drawings or care packages in the mail. Please share with your community groups if you would like to help. Check out our Facebook pages for more ideas and updates on how you can help.