Do I need Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance is the private enterprise system’s solution to this serious problem that threatens the security of older Americans and their families. It is protection that provides benefits for all levels of nursing home or home care. long term care insurance gives you peace of mind. After all, you’ve got more important things to do during your prime years than worry about health care expenses.

Long Term Care Protection Offered Through NHC

National HealthCare Corporation(NHC), one of the nation’s leading long term health care companies, operates health care centers, Alzheimer’s disease units, home care programs and retirement communities. In keeping with its goal of offering a full range of services for older Americans, NHC now provides long term care insurance policies.

NHC works with several of the nation’s leading long term care insurance carriers. These companies all share NHC’s commitment to pioneering innovative ways of paying the nation’s long term care bill.

Through special arrangements with outstanding companies, NHC is able to offer optional levels of benefits designed to meet individual needs. NHC professional agents work with you to identify your special requirements. Then, we find the best value for you based on your age, health and coverage preferences.

In other words, we do the shopping for you!

Long Term care insurance products offered through NHC are designed to help give you and your family financial stability and preserve your long term care options. That’s why you should include NHC in your future for the prime years.

Common Coverage Misconceptions

Long term care can be the greatest single expense older Americans face. Unfortunately, it is the only health care expense that is not covered by Medicare, medigap supplements or conventional health insurance. Yet, many people mistakenly think they are covered.

Medicare only provides short term benefits for skilled care following a hospitalization, and the same is true for private health insurance. Most long term care is of a custodial nature and is not considered skilled care.

Medicaid is the only government program covering non-skilled care. However, to qualify you must spend down your assets. Medicaid pays limited, if any, benefits for home care and other care outside of the nursing home. Patients often face long waiting lists for nursing home care. These factors combine to severely reduce an individual’s choices of where to receive long term care when Medicaid is paying the bill.

Assure Independence; Protect Your Family

Most people who have already purchased long term care insurance say they have done so for one important reason — to preserve their independence. They want to avoid having to depend on others for their care, either family members or government programs. And, they want to assure that their preference for the type and location of care will be honored. The availability of long term care insurance through NHC lets you assure your independence.

Long term care insurance also helps older Americans protect their assets. People should be able to enjoy the assets they have acquired when they retire. Too often, the fear of a husband or wife getting sick causes seniors to abandon their plans and not have the quality of life they anticipated in retirement. long term care insurance products offered throught NHC can help give you the financial security to enjoy your prime years to the fullest.

A Family Matter

In summary, the purchase of long term care insurance is not something you do only for yourself. You do it for your family — your spouse and your children. If the time comes when you need long term care, you have given them the support system they need to avoid the financial difficulty of having to pay for your long term care. In fact, long term care insurance may be the only thing that keeps your loved ones from facing expensive long term care bills. Your family will have peace of mind knowing that you will receive quality care without the worry of how to pay for it.

The Time To Act Is Now

The long term care insurance policies offered through NHC are age rated. So, the earlier one purchases a policy, the lower the premiums. Also, future health problems could keep you from qualifying at a later date.

Anyone over age 18 (age varies by plan) can apply for this valuable long term care protection. Don’t delay. Now is the time to select long term care insurance for you and your family. Please click here to contact us for more information about how long term care insurance offered through NHC can give your family real financial security. Or if you prefer, call 1-800-229-7141 and a licensed or authorized agent will assist you.

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